Submitting issues

Our main issue tracker can be found here: This is the best place to report any issues with CEKit. Usually we divide tickets into two categories:

  1. Bug reports

  2. Enhancements

To make it much easier for you to submit a ticket we created templates for you: Of course if you have non-standard request, feel free to open a regular issue here:


We strongly suggest using our templates, because it tries to formalize a bit the reporting process which helps us review new tickets.


We use labels to categorize issues.

Each ticket has assigned three label categories:

  • type/

  • priority/

  • complexity/

There can be other labels assigned of course too!

Labels are set by the template or by CEKit team members. Initial labels (after a ticket is created) are assigned after triage which is done ad-hoc by CEKit team members.


We use milestones to group images that should go to a particular release. Assigning a milestone to a ticket does not mean that it will be fixed in that particular milestone. This is mostly a hint for developer (and the reported) what is the proposed milestone.

Tickets can be moved to different milestones at any time.


To have a better overview on the release we use boards (aka GitHub projects). Some of them are long-living, but some of them are targeting specific milestone. Usually we use Kanban-style boards.