Red Hat environment

If you are running CEKit in Red Hat internal infrastructure it behaves differently. This behavior is triggered by changing redhat configuration option in CEKit configuration file.


CEKit integration with following tools is changed in following ways:

  • runs rhpkg instead of fedpkg

  • runs odcs command with --redhat option set

  • enables follow_tag support via skopeo command

Environment Variables

Following variables are added into the image:

  • JBOSS_IMAGE_NAME – contains name of the image

  • JBOSS_IMAGE_VERSION – contains version of the image


Following labels are added into the image:

  • name – contains name of the image

  • version - -contains version of the image


In Red Hat we are using ODCS/OSBS integration to access repositories for building our container images. To make our life easier for local development CEKit is able to ask ODCS to create content_sets.yml based repositories even for local Docker builds. This means that if you set redhat configuration option to True, your content_sets repositories will be injected into the image you are building and you can successfully build an image on non-subscribed hosts.


In Red Hat environment we are using Brew to build our packages and artifacts. CEKit provides an integration layer with Brew and enables to use artifact directly from Brew. To enable this set redhat configuration option to True (or use --redhat switch) and define plain artifacts which have md5 checksum.


Only Maven type artifacts are supported from Brew.


Using a different checksum than md5 will not work and throw an error.

CEKit will fetch artifacts automatically from Brew, adding them to local cache.

Depending on the selected builders, different preparations will be performed to make it ready for the build process:

  • for Docker/Buildah/Podman builder it will be available directly,

  • for OSBS builder it uses the Brew/OSBS integration.

    - name: jolokia-jvm-1.5.0.redhat-1-agent.jar
      md5: d31c6b1525e6d2d24062ef26a9f639a8

This is everything required to fetch the artifact.