Submitting changes

First of all; thank you for taking the effort to modify the code yourself and submitting your work so others can benefit from it!

Target branch

All development is done in the develop branch. This branch is what will the next major or minor CEKit release look like and this is the place you should submit your changes.


Submitting a pull request against the main branch may result in a request to rebase it against develop.

In case a fix needs to target the currently released version (a bugfix), the commit will be manually cherry-picked by the CEKit team.

Review process

Each submitted pull request is reviewed by at least one CEKit team member. We may ask you for some changes in the code or


We expect that each pull request contains a test for the change. It’s unlikely that a PR will be merged without a test, sorry!

Of course, if the PR is not about code change, but for example a documentation update, you don’t need to write a test for it :)

GitHub automation

Please reference the issue in the PR to utilise GitHubs ability to automatically close issues. You can add e.g. Fixes #nnn somewhere in the initial comment.